EN ISO 9001

certificate iso 9001

EN ISO 14001

certificate iso 14001

EN ISO 50001

certificate iso 50001

EN 15512

certificate 15512

The company has established a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the HRN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, ensuring its commitment to quality. Its quality management system considers the needs and expectations of interested parties and is implemented through a process-based approach to managing activities and risks, as well as measurable indicators and planned and monitored activities.

The company respects professional principles and legal regulations, promotes quality awareness within the company and partnership with customers.

Promming’s vision is to be one of the industry leaders in manufacturing equipment, offering customized solutions to customers while providing a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, with sustainable production.

The company’s mission is dedicated to producing high-quality equipment while constantly developing new products and solutions according to customer needs and expectations, striving to be an innovative leader in the industry.

Additionally, Promming is committed to energy efficiency, with a defined scope and boundaries for energy management. The company ensures the availability of necessary resources and information to achieve the defined goals and communicates the commitment to energy efficiency at all levels within and outside the company.

Promming supports the procurement of energy-efficient equipment, relying significantly on renewable sources of energy to comply with legal requirements and the HRN EN ISO 50001 standard, while assessing risks and opportunities for sustainable development. The company’s planned activities collect documented information to enable monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency.