Metal Production

Metal processing production line covers a wide range of manufacturing processes in metal processing:

  • sheet metal cutting is carried out on an automatic line for lengthwise and crosswise cutting, which is by its size adapted to the needs of further production, whether it’s about creating profiles for storage systems or items for shop equipment
  • cutting of items is carried out on CNC machines and a laser cutter. This technology represents the top quality of metal processing which enables the production of various profiles including maximum production flexibility as far as size and quality of offers are concerned
  • wire products are manufactured on CNC machine
  • metal sheets are bent on a variety of machines adapted to cover all demands of the market – from single items to batch production

Lines for continuous profile bending represent our core technology and are used for:

  • creating profiles for all storage systems in our production. Profiles are continuously rolled on these lines, being cut to the required length per customer’s request
  • making shelves and backs of store equipment systems, which retains flexibility of item size next to a very fast production
  • sheet metal bending on benders in the case of small batch production offering a great flexibility in item measures
  • bending on CNC bending machine

Manual and robotic welding of welding positions:

  • welding robots are used to produce positions via warehouse software, i.e. all positions produced in large batches. This technology ensures the production of equal positions of high quality
  • manual welding is carried out by qualified welders with long-term experience in the production of warehouse and shop equipment
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Finishing of position is carried out in our production plant by electrostatic powder coating or galvanizing. Both processes are performed on the new lines, meeting the required high standards of finishing process and taking environmental issues into account at the same time.

Powder coating of positions is carried out on two lines that provide a very high production capacity. The procedure of powder coating includes chemical cleaning and preparation of positions for robot painting and baking in flow-furnaces. The paint is applied in special paint booths which allow changes of colour within 10 minutes, providing quite a wide range of colours of our products.

Warming up the lines is done by hot air which is heated by a system connected to the biomass stove. Thermal oil is the stove’s agent, which is a new technology specifically developed for our needs. This system supplies all our processes with energy – from the powder coating line, galvanizing plants to central heating of our production lines and office premises.

Biomass heating system has given us energy self-sufficiency and ensured even greater care for the environment.