Wood production

Production plant for the processing of solid wood and wood products is one complete unit which allows maximum adjustment to customers’ needs and desires, and consists of:

  • cutting out of chipboard panels, MDF, plywood and other panel products, which is carried out on an automatic cutting machine programmed to optimize workpieces
  • edge banding machine enables the application of multi-coloured strips – from thin melamine tapes, ABS tapes, to thin solid slats. ABS edges are also banded on a curvilinear edge banding machine
  • panel workpieces can be enriched by a veneer in a wide range of textures according to customer’s request
  • related to the processing of solid timber we can choose between two drying options within our own facility, i.e. a rapid drying in a vacuum dryer with automated process control or a gradual drying in the air to stabilize the material before further processing
  • we process solid timber in our own facility using machines that allow semi-automated complete machining to a desired shape (multi-blade saw, planer thicknesser, solid wood panels gluing press, four-sided milling machine, sander)
  • the final shape of products and semi-finished products is made on CNC machining centers
  • automatic machining center for window and door production rounds off the offer within wood processing procedure. External woodwork is manufactured from finished multi-layered euro-profiles of selected local or exotic materials, with the possibility of producing wood/aluminum system, which extends its durability and stands for the maximum quality regarding its usage. Windows are equipped with top quality seals, and optionally also with a special glass offering better thermal and sound insulation.
  • final painting of positions is done in a water curtain paint booth in a wide range of colours and various types of surface protection made of water or polyurethane varnish, high-quality translucent and opaque coatings, etc.
  • modern shapes and structures of warm wood elements per customer’s request can be complemented with glass, mirrors and acrylic glass, which is cut, bended and sandered in our own production plant
  • production process is rounded off in the assembly and packaging department, equipped with an appropriate technological equipment suited for a flexible working regime
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